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Classes for 2017

Do you ever wonder where your kits come from?  Visit the heart of the headquarters where our kits have been crafted for over 30 years. 

Elizabeth Bradley Stitching Classes are a great way to learn the craft of needlepoint or brush up on existing skills.  Meet the Elizabeth Bradley family and enjoy classes perfect for any skill level - from learning the Victorian Cross Stitch to joining a customer carpet.



Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - Stay tuned for 2017 dates!

EVERY Class Attendee receives

- Morning Refreshments

- Complimentary Catered Lunch

- Afternoon Refreshments

- Tour of the Elizabeth Bradley Production Facility

- Introduction to the Elizabeth Bradley UK Team

- Transportation to and from Hotels in Beaumaris to Class Space

- 20% off EVERY Purchase Made during Weekend

 Beginner Class

- Complimentary Floral Starter Kit

- Introduction to Victorian Cross Stitch

- Reverse Stitch

- An Introduction to Joining Elizabeth Bradley Pieces Together

Introduction to Joining

- Refresher Instruction of Victorian Cross Stitch and Reverse Stitch

- Instruction on Joining with Sample Canvases

- Instruction on Joining Corners with Sample Canvases

- Instruction on the Binding Stitch

- Attachment of Hessian Tape to Finished Join

Master Joining Class 
**We ask that students have at least 2 panels ready for joining before class. Pieces SHOULD NOT be stretched/blocked prior to class**
**Each panel MUST be counted with the correct number of stitches in place for immediate joining. Call us for confirmation.**

- Discussion on Piece Placement

- Composition Review of Each Panel for Design Balance of Carpet

- Instruction on Horizontal and Vertical Joins

- Instruction on Border Joining

- Instruction on the Binding Stitch

- Attachment of Hessian Tape to Finished Join

Contact us for more information!

Glimpses of how the Elizabeth Bradley kits are assembled at our North Wales, UK warehouse centre.