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    • Elizabeth Bradley 23 May

      25% off your entire #elizabethbradley order through Saturday using promo code: CHELSEA25. Grab your favorite kit… https://t.co/MLhy1DtaO6

    • Elizabeth Bradley 21 May

      Blossom into #summer with the #elizabethbradley Camellia! #needlepoint https://t.co/lIRrWSAPDm

    • Elizabeth Bradley 19 May

      You'll have unbe"LEAF"able fun stitching the #Asplenium from our Shade Garden Collection! #needlepoint https://t.co/O1hAy4lV9m

    • Elizabeth Bradley 18 May

      The #elizabethbradley #dahlia on cream will bring a classic bold look to any interior room! #needlepoint https://t.co/IeIb52K1vA

    • Elizabeth Bradley 17 May

      Looking for the perfect #nursery accessory? Add the #elizabethbradley Rocking Horse to your stitching list! https://t.co/AWKbkGXkLl

    • Elizabeth Bradley 16 May

      Make a bold statement with the #elizabethbradley Strelitzia on black! #needlepoint #florals https://t.co/DU2NQSQkoY

    • Elizabeth Bradley 15 May

      The #elizabethbradley King Charles Spaniel is just paw-fect! #needlepoint #diy https://t.co/PSCobmRdZX

    • Elizabeth Bradley 13 May

      A #picnic and #stitching make for a perfect afternoon! #elizabethbradley #needlepoint https://t.co/ezFcMezQAi

    • Elizabeth Bradley 12 May

      See how our inspiration from the 2016 #RHSChelsea Flower Show was transformed into a final design! #EBatChelsea https://t.co/xcRMP3yrIy

    • Elizabeth Bradley 11 May

      Enjoy the beautiful bold hues of the #elizabethbradley Forget Me Not Mini Kit! #needlepoint #florals https://t.co/flHY3Va9vf

    • Elizabeth Bradley 10 May

      Wishing you a bright and sunny Wednesday! #elizabethbradley #yellowpoppy https://t.co/Eel2gEENKe

    • Elizabeth Bradley 09 May

      We are thrilled to be exhibiting at #RHSChelsea Flower Show this year! Will we see you there? #elizabethbradley… https://t.co/E8dJDQiLpm

    • Elizabeth Bradley 07 May

      #Travel in style with an #elizabethbradley logo kit bag! https://t.co/H3uRcLYfru

    • Elizabeth Bradley 06 May

      Summer is just around the corner! Grab the #elizabethbradley Beach Hut kit and head to the beach! #needlepoint https://t.co/BuhgqAqrew

    • Elizabeth Bradley 05 May

      Meow is the time to #stitch our adorable #elizabethbradley Contented Cat Kit! #needlepoint https://t.co/73MXCyZ6l9

    • Elizabeth Bradley 04 May

      Create a unique #elizabethbradley design by adding personalization! #needlepoint https://t.co/d25VfzdX92

    • Elizabeth Bradley 04 May

      RT @Greenfingerscha: A big hello to our new gardening followers @EscleysideGC & @Natasha_Waite & the very beautiful garden tapestry company…

    • Elizabeth Bradley 03 May

      Customers continue to inspire us daily.. a beautiful way to bring #elizabethbradley into your home! #needlepoint https://t.co/IH6QXhk3Ej

    • Elizabeth Bradley 02 May

      Our newest border series is the Treliis Border, a wonderful compliment to the Shade Garden collection!! https://t.co/1oyPgCmL9Y

    • Elizabeth Bradley 01 May

      Fight the Monday blues with our Lemons kit!! https://t.co/vxFrB8Zd6O