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    • Elizabeth Bradley 24 Jun

      You'll have a pawsitively fun time stitching the #elizabethbradley King Charles Spaniel! #needlepoint #dogs https://t.co/WIpwK2ISPd

    • Elizabeth Bradley 22 Jun

      Celebrate the first week of #summer with the #elizabethbradley #dahlia on cream! https://t.co/hKIUL0xMw2

    • Elizabeth Bradley 21 Jun

      It is all in the details! #needlepoint #ferns https://t.co/xM8n5VFqw2

    • Elizabeth Bradley 20 Jun

      Why only stitch one when you can can stitch the entire #blooms collection! #elizabethbradley #needlepoint https://t.co/q2keuqTk5M

    • Elizabeth Bradley 16 Jun

      We are so happy to welcome our Welsh team @EBneedlepointUK to Twitter! Follow along for more #elizabethbradley adve… https://t.co/MVdlWwnxBT

    • Elizabeth Bradley 15 Jun

      Wouldn’t you love to be surrounded by 363 colours of pure new tapestry wool? Visit @EBneedlepointUK to learn more! https://t.co/g9dTvQmTWs

    • Elizabeth Bradley 15 Jun

      RT @EBneedlepointUK: Do you love our colour wall of wool cards? https://t.co/GtvsIEX1Ey

    • Elizabeth Bradley 14 Jun

      Our talented @EBneedlepointUK team perfectly packages each and every #needlepoint kit that is delivered to your fro… https://t.co/BI1rkqIYv5

    • Elizabeth Bradley 14 Jun

      RT @EBneedlepointUK: All your kits are hand packed and checked by our conscientious production team here in the UK. https://t.co/6tVXtISgzL

    • Elizabeth Bradley 13 Jun

      RT @EBneedlepointUK: Take a look at how our wool is pulled. We have a recipe for each kit and make 36 wool packs at once. https://t.co/QR2R…

    • Elizabeth Bradley 13 Jun

      Ever wonder how wool is pulled and packaged into kits? Learn more from our Welsh team @EBneedlepointUK https://t.co/rBbwudG4sk

    • Elizabeth Bradley 12 Jun

      Follow along @EBneedlepointUK to get a behind the scenes look at how #elizabethbradley kits are made! #needlepoint https://t.co/a5hWglO4r4

    • Elizabeth Bradley 12 Jun

      RT @EBneedlepointUK: Follow us for all your #Global news and updates and our #US team @ebneedlepoint for all American news. https://t.co/t…

    • Elizabeth Bradley 10 Jun

      #Sail into Saturday with the #elizabethbradley Regatta Mini Kit! https://t.co/WoDKC27iRF https://t.co/oxdy7ClJlx

    • Elizabeth Bradley 09 Jun

      What #elizabethbradley kit will you be working on this weekend? #needlepoint #diy https://t.co/A9LvxEjsgm

    • Elizabeth Bradley 08 Jun

      Have you found a unique way to finish your #elizabethbradley mini #needlepoint kit? Share your finished products w… https://t.co/IeRAxBhXvd

    • Elizabeth Bradley 07 Jun

      What a lovely desk view! #elizabethbradley #crocus https://t.co/IBG0gI9zZP

    • Elizabeth Bradley 06 Jun

      RT @bobyoung: Helping @ebneedlepoint and @needlepoint. My colleagues suggested I should learn to #needlepoint. https://t.co/wQUdGciPkE

    • Elizabeth Bradley 03 Jun

      Bring your #elizabethbradley design to life with the #Clematis from our Climbing Flowers Collection! #needlepoint https://t.co/GRP1tVHMLq

    • Elizabeth Bradley 03 Jun

      #Summer is here! Sand, sun, and the #staghorn are calling our name! #needlepoint #elizabethbradley https://t.co/kqqdwJWIsR